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Weather strips EPDM Steel trip reinforcement Door Seals
EPDM Glass Run Channels
EPDM Dense Wind shield Rubbers/Profiles
EPDM Wire carrier reinforcement Door Seals
PVC steel inserts Colored Pinch weld/Trim
EPDM Sponge/Soft Door seals
PVC-EPDM soft-sticking Door Seals
Glazing Channel and Locking Strips
TPV Glass Run with Single/Dual/Triple/Quad
EPDM Rubber Strips adhesive tape
EPDM Rubber Tubes
PVC Profiles
TPV Steel inserts Glass Channels Belts with flock tape application
EPDM Architectural/Building Profiles
Rubber Sheets – PVC, EPDM, SBR, EVA
High-Pressure Hoses
Rubber, PVC & Steel Insert Conveyor Belts
EPDM Rubber cords
Moulds for Rubber Profiles
Anti Vibration Rubber Metal parts

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