Research and Development
The ASP Group’s cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) departments provide exceptional design and development skills. The R&D Units of the Company are equipped with advanced facilities, excellent technology, and sophisticated world-class rubber testing equipment.
The facilities are involved in research, design development, and the launch of novel products for the automobile, bus body, construction, and glass sectors, to mention a few, across domestic and international markets. A strong emphasis on R&D and end-to-end solutions strengthen the company’s dedication to client pleasure and the delivery of high-quality products to clients.
Product & Process Design
The ASP Group places a high value on product and process design. With multiple ultra-modern Design and Development centers equipped with self-invented methodologies for optimal structural reinforcement, digital design, and manufacturing of reinforced rubber products, the Group is able to optimize data and design flawless products as well as sealing systems from BIW data provided by customers.
The design is optimized using cutting-edge simulation tools. The specialist areas that assist us to minimise the lead time include in-house tool design and manufacturing in the CNC Tool Room.
Advanced software such as Creo Parametric (Pro E), Catia, Abaqus, Hypermesh, AutoCAD, and others are used to fulfill design capabilities, as are facilities for testing and validation tests. By utilizing modern technology and design skills, the firm tries to produce new goods, improve existing products, formulate newer rubber materials, and reduce costs.
At ASP Group, we work tirelessly to launch new projects while growing technology, learning new procedures, and refining existing ones. Highly skilled and experienced rubber scientists and chemical engineers are always working on product innovation. Various new technologies have helped the organization while also making a significant contribution to a greener environment.
The ASP Group’s primary idea is to provide high-quality products and services to our clients. Our quality systems were built following extensive efforts to standardize input, procedures, and output across the organization. Quality management and assurance systems built with experienced task teams provide consistency throughout the process. Many of the firms within the ASP Group are specialized OEM suppliers to the automotive sector, and we maintain quality requirements of less than 5 ppm to assure the greatest output.
ASP Group is committed to contributing to a cleaner future through sustainable growth techniques, despite being cognizant of significant environmental and ecological difficulties. Sustainability is an important component of our business processes because it is part of our basic philosophy. Our leaders and teams are continually working to save resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce pollution.