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ASP: - In 1989, the Group started its operations under a joint venture partnership with SAIAG Industrial Spa, Italy in Gajraula (U.P) for manufacturing EPDM Rubber Weather strips.

Overall, the strength of ASP Group companies lies in their strong brand image, widespread distribution network, product range, excellent quality, extensive original Equipment coverage, Export markets and JIT Systems, Technology upgradation and international tie-up.

  • Flowline Pneumatic Tool Hose (IS-446, Type-2Plus)
  • Flowline Rock Drill Hose (Is-446, Type-3Plus)
  • Flowline Heavy Duty Air/Water Hose (Is-446, Type-1& IS-444, Type-2 Plus)
  • Flowline Car Washing Hose (IS-444, Type -3B Plus)
  • Flowline Super Spray Hose (IS-1677, Type-3A Plus)
  • Flowline Petrol Hose(Is-2396 plus)
  • Flowline Steam Hose (BS 5122 Type-2 Plus)
  • Flowline Welding Hose (IS-447 Plus)
  • Flowline Chemical Hose (IS-7654,Type-1 Plus)
  • Powertrak Hydraulic Hose R3 Hose
  • Powertrak Hydraulic Hose R6 Hose
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One Goal: Creating best value for our Customers, Employees, and Partners & Share holders.


To expand our presence in many diverse & demanding market and Industries by exceeding customer satisfaction through high Quality products, outstanding customer service, innovative and committed team approach.

To know more about ASP Seals Products, please visit the company website at www.asphoses.com